Continual Growth and Game Progression

Continual Growth

The initial designs and ideas for Genesis were not just ambitious in terms of basic game mechanics and story twists, but also included innovative concepts with the potential to redefine our game’s success. Genesis isn't merely a strategy game; at its full capacity, it encompasses a wide range of gameplay styles and scenarios, from single-player hack and slash adventures to thrilling battle royales, designed to cater to a diverse array of player preferences. However, as an indie studio, we faced challenges in deploying all these ideas simultaneously. Therefore, we adopted a gradual approach, methodically integrating these diverse elements into the game, step by step. This strategy aligns with our long-term plan to evolve Genesis into a comprehensive AAA Metaverse, progressively unveiling its full potential.

Also, one of the primary reasons for this gradual implementation is our commitment to developing a game that aligns with gamers' preferences. To achieve this, we've created a DAO-based story and progression system, and we aim to fully integrate it into the game.

Game progression

Genesis sets itself apart from traditional games in numerous ways. It offers a distinctive experience in building, crafting, trading, character development, and various other aspects. Playing Genesis is designed to follow specific timeframes. Characters must ensure they get enough rest and sleep (at least 8 hours per day) and maintain their health through proper food and water intake.

In addition, the time required for constructions and crafting differs from what players might be accustomed to in traditional games. Each crafting or building project can be modular, allowing players to customize items and structures with different modules. Also, our modular ship building system provides players the flexibility to alter the functionality of their ships.

Players have been given the ability to quicken the construction or crafting, and it requires spending some coins in the game.

Moreover, the player leveling system is based on a series of diverse evaluations and assessments. Players can't simply reach higher levels by strengthening their main house or acquiring citizens or just completing tasks. Leveling is determined through an observation tool that closely monitors players' progress.

Furthermore, Genesis will transition into a co-op game starting from Chapter two. Players will collaborate to nurture their growth and manage tasks collectively. Chapter Two marks the beginning of the multiplayer phase, paving the way for a fully realized Metaverse.

More detailed information about the game is available on the Genesis Guide Page and the upcoming versions of the whitepaper will include updated details for the next seasons.

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