What is Huralya?

Huralya is a gaming studio founded in 2022 by a few friends, as members of A gamer family deeply engaged in Blockchain.

Since then Our vision is to create a unique artwork and comprehensive product; games to grant gamers hours of fun, a crypto-based monetization system to provide them with an income based on their efforts and strategies and innovative way to protect the environment.

After a deep survey of the market in the initial months, and assessing the weakness and strengths of competitors, we embarked on a mission to create an everlasting game and story, a journey that never ends. That's how Huralya: Genesis was born.

Here are some additional details about Huralya's advantages over most competitors:

Intuitive and User-Friendly Experience

The game's user-friendly interface ensures that new players can effortlessly immerse themselves in the game without worrying about the complexities of blockchain technology.

In addition, the integration of Google and Apple's in-app payment systems simplifies token purchases, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for users.

Free-to-Play Model

Genesis operates under a free-to-play model, eliminating any potential obstacles to entry that might dissuade potential players from joining the game.

Immersive Adventure

With its captivating storyline and immersive gameplay, our game offers players a rich and dynamic experience that fully engages and enthralls them.

Balanced and smart Economic system

A strategic balance with AI and multiple monetization approaches, meticulously calibrated to avoid any negative impact on the in-game economy or deterrence of player motivation.

Social Responsibility and Meaningful Impact

By prioritizing social responsibility, Huralya aims to create a gaming experience that is not only enjoyable but also meaningful and impactful.

For instance, the project is committed to environmental protection and takes tangible steps towards achieving this goal.

Focused on Sustainable Growth and Community

Huralya's team is focused on cultivating a gradual growth trajectory for the project. The team is not looking to get rich by selling lots of tokens. Instead, the team is focused on the project's long-term sustainability and fostering an engaged community of players. This long-term approach ensures that the project remains viable.

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