Huralya Foundation

The Huralya Foundation plays a main role in the development and success of the Huralya. As a dedicated entity, the foundation carries out various responsibilities and tasks to ensure the growth, sustainability, and overall advancement of Huralya and its community. In this section, we will outline ten key duties by the Huralya Foundation:

Duties of the Huralya Foundation

1- Managing the economic model and Providing liquidity pools in a manner conducive to the growth and sustainability of Huralya and its community.

2- Making important decisions and providing strategic management for Huralya concerning products, users, investors, and developers.

3- Handling financial management aspects of the project and maintaining communication with investors, exchanges, and other relevant parties.

4- Financing and managing the marketing efforts of the project to increase public awareness of Huralya products.

5- Providing financing and managing issues related to the support and development of Huralya Genesis and other products including games, animations and comic books.

6- Effectively managing costs while facilitating team development and attracting talented individuals.

7- Developing the ecosystem within Huralya X and facilitating the decentralization process. Also, investing in R&D to maintain continuous progress.

8- Establishing partnerships with other projects or brands that contribute to the growth and development of Huralya and its community.

9- Managing legal issues and protecting the brand and intellectual property.

10- Undertaking charitable work, particularly in the field of environmental protection.

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