Nature and Environment

For millennia, humanity has called this planet home. However, our relentless consumerism and industrialism have waged a war against nature. The destruction of jungles, melting of ice glaciers, rising temperatures, drought, and countless other disasters are warning us that we must prioritize our care for the environment. Currently, numerous initiatives strive to protect nature before it's too late.

At Huralya, safeguarding nature is one of our primary purposes, and we will do all we can to accomplish this mission. This is why our first product is a game about a world destroyed by environmental incidents, designed to raise awareness about nature and help stop the destruction of our planet.

In Genesis, one of the most important challenges is preserving nature and the player's behavior towards the environment. For example, Wood is the only finite resource in the game that cannot be produced. Despite its value (due to its scarcity), excessive tree chopping will cause problems for the players and the island, including lower citizen satisfaction, heavy damage from storms, and other consequences. Another example is extreme fishing, which can cause the fish population to decrease or become endangered.

Players' role is not only to preserve nature; at certain points, players will have the opportunity to choose to enhance nature's reach and contribute to its growth

Our goal is to increase awareness among users about environmental challenges by using game mechanisms, narratives and providing direct information. We firmly believe that the key to overcoming these challenges lies in fostering enhanced education, raising awareness and the adoption of innovative cutting-edge technologies is the only viable solution to address these pressing issues.

We plan to launch impactful real-world campaigns, including large-scale tree planting and ocean cleansing, and to invest in innovative technologies for nature protection and etc. These initiatives emphasize our commitment to environmental stewardship. Additionally, we'll provide opportunities for our players to engage in specific campaigns, offering them unique opportunities to contribute to these real-world efforts. Importantly, their participation will not go unrewarded, fostering a community deeply connected to our mission of safeguarding nature.

By joining the Huralya community, you'll be part of a collective effort to create a positive impact on our planet.

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