Our Team

We are a team from the Middle East that has fought for freedom and progress all our years and despite the restrictions imposed by the Iranian regime, We followed our passion for game technology and crypto currencies.

Our interest extends beyond mere entertainment or business; We have a philosophical implications of these technologies, where there is no territorial, ethnic, gender, ideological, governmental, etc discrimination, humans are not judged and cannot be separated from each other. They are merely avatars or addresses, communicating with each other on a blockchain without restrictions, and are solely judged based on their performance.

Anyway, With creativity and determination, we aspired to develop a product that would make a meaningful impact on the world. To accomplish this, we assembled a talented group of individuals with shared interests and expertise in game development, blockchain, economics, coding, design, and more and With self-funding, we began crafting the product outlined in this whitepaper.

In the attempt of Seeking global connections and opportunities for international trade, we relocated to Dubai, registering an official company HURALYA FZ-LLC and establishing our startup on in5 innovation center.

Here, we are expanding our team to include individuals from diverse nationalities to enhance creativity through a rich cultural exchange. In addition, we strongly uphold values, such as environmental stewardship and promotion of human freedom.

We aim to be "game-changers" in our chosen industry, and of course we know that we will face many challenges and big competitors. So in our way towards evolution we have adopted a flexible and agile strategy.

Your support as a user, partner or investor is invaluable.

The complete list of team members is available on the website.

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