Huralya Genesis

Huralya Genesis: is our first free-to-play game, that immerses players in a post-apocalyptic narrative and eco-crises.

This innovative hybrid genre experience merges the most favored genres in the market, combining elements of survival, construction, MMO, RPG, and strategy games. It delivers an enthralling adventure that is unmatched in its diversity and engagement.

The story is based on two main characters, Ethan and Mithra, each has a unique history behind.

At first, players will be tasked with surviving and developing the surrounding society so they can play their part in restoring human civilization and reestablishing order.

Let's not spoil more than this, but we can safely say that it will be one of the most engaging mobile games ever made, providing players with a variety of gameplay experiences.

Over time, there will be many updates and add-ons for Genesis, each expanding the world of Genesis and making it more adventurous and exciting. From new places to be discovered, puzzles to be solved, and adventures to be had.

Also, Genesis has a special monetization system enabling players to invest and make money while playing and having fun.

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