Intermediate Goods

Huralya's financial system employs some Intermediate Goods with below description:

A) Bullet:

The Bullet has a steadfast value of 10 cent, and all in-game transactions and rewards are conducted using that. This stable price ensures that players' strategies remain unaffected by fluctuations in our token, LYA, which is subject to market changes. Acquiring Bullets is possible through three methods:

  1. Conversion between LYA and the in-game currency using the web dashboard (or vice versa).

  2. In-game purchases via Google and Apple payment systems.

  3. Earning through in-game activities such as rewards and trades.

B) Wood: Considering the high importance of wood, in the game Genesis, wood will be considered as an in-game currency, and players can, in certain cases, exchange wood with other items. This will essentially be a barter system, and the value of wood in relation to the item being exchanged will be carefully assessed.

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