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This is a summary of the story, We will publish a animated series version in the future.

Genesis, tells the tale of two heroes, Ethan and Mithra, amidst a world crushed by the furious of nature, which is a consequence of relentless destruction of humanity and overexploitation of earth’s resources.

devastating storms tore through cities, unrelenting floods engulfed entire continents, swallowing landscapes whole.

The relentless extremes in weather, whether scorching heat or blizzards, leaving in their wake desolation and the haunting specter of death. These cataclysms of nature evoked a profound sense of despair, their destructive force shaking the very core of existence.

At the brink of hopelessness, a colossal volcano erupted in Italy, sealing the irreversible fate of humankind. People scattered across the desolate earth, seeking shelter not only from the unforgiving forces of nature but also from the very essence of their own kind.

The light of civilization drifted away, leaving humanity transformed into savage beasts. A realm of sworn enemies emerged, where raiding and thievery became the dark norm of existence. Desperation pushed people to drift apart, seeking refuge as far away as possible from one another.

Our story begins with our protagonist awakening, their eyes blinking open to a sight both unfamiliar and mysterious—an island shrouded in enigma. Confusion grips their mind as they struggle to recall how they arrived and why fate has led them to this enigmatic place. All they possess is an unwavering determination to survive.

With a resolute spirit and unyielding determination, they rise from the ground, embarking on a perilous journey that lies ahead. The island, infused with mystery and hostility, presents countless challenges that must be conquered. Their willpower propels them forward, for they know deep within their soul that triumph is the only path.

Initially, their focus lies on securing shelter and sustaining their basic needs. The quest for sustenance becomes their lifeline, a constant battle against the unforgiving elements of this untamed land. In this relentless struggle for survival, they encounter a myriad of hardships and bear witness to countless trials —confrontations with wild creatures, battling a wild and mysterious cult, encounters with ruthless bandits, and storms that unleash chaos upon their fragile existence.

In this vast expanse of isolation, they soon discover that they are not alone. Others, too, have been brought to this forsaken place by the capricious whims of destiny. Some are victims of shipwrecks, while others have narrowly escaped the clutches of merciless bandits. Like lost souls yearning for solace, they gather around our hero, bound by a shared desperation. Together, they forge the very essence of a society—a society that holds the power to redefine the destiny of humankind.

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