Generating Income

In Genesis, generating income is a key aspect of the gameplay and is designed to reward players for their effort and strategic thinking. There are several ways for players to earn in-game currency (LYA) and maximize their profits:

Trading in the Market

Players can produce goods and resources, such as crops, tools, and textiles, and sell them in the in-game market. This requires efficient management of resources, citizens, and production facilities to meet market demand and optimize earnings.

Outsourcing Technicians

After training citizens with specialized skills at the university, players can exchange these skilled technicians, who have gained increased value, with other players.

Exploration Missions

Players can embark on exploration missions to discover valuable items and treasures.

These can be sold in the market or used to enhance the player's island, increasing its overall value and potential for generating income.

As the game progresses in future seasons, players will have the ability to team up for more challenging missions.

Raiding and Commercial Activities

In Season Three, players have the option to engage in strategic battles and raid other players to acquire resources and wealth. Alternatively, they can choose to maintain a peaceful state and focus on commercial activities, such as trading and negotiating with other players to maximize profits.

Watching Advertisements

Players can choose to watch advertisements within the game to receive rewards, such as in-game currency or other valuable items. This allows players to earn additional income without disrupting their gameplay experience.

By offering diverse income-generating opportunities, Genesis encourages players to develop their strategic thinking and entrepreneurial skills. This not only enhances the gameplay experience but also provides players with valuable lessons that can be applied to real-world situations.

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