Genesis Basic Concepts


Each player owns an island where finds themselves upon beginning the game and forms the foundation of their burgeoning land. Each island has 10 areas that are locked with an engaging puzzle, and the player can access more space on the island by unlocking each one and construct their buildings, make advancements and shape their society. Additionally, there will be expansions to the island, introducing diverse mysteries to the game.

Main House

The Main House is the initial structure that players must build on the island that fulfills various essential purposes for the player and their society. Functioning as a haven for all island citizens, it provides a place for them to rest comfortably and also, idle or hungry citizens gather around the bonfire located in front of the Main House.

By upgrading this vital structure, players unlock more options and enhance its overall functionality.


This building acts as the crucial link between the island and the outside world, serving as a port where boats can dock.

One of its key functions is facilitating the arrival of merchants and establishing the market.

Players can also construct ships and boats within this building. Moreover, it serves as the launching point for exploration missions, initiating exciting adventures beyond the island's borders.


These serve as crucial facilities where raw materials are transformed into useful items. For each workshop to be operational we require a specific Device which can be built or bought. Also, special skills are required to craft special tools and items. The creation of items and tools holds great importance in Genesis, as players must construct a diverse range of them to support their missions and enhance life on the island.

Workshop devices play a vital role in this process, encompassing various types such as Tailoring and Textiles, Kitchen, Blacksmith, and Tool Workshop. They enable players to craft essential items like axes, shovels, and more.

It is important to note that each of these buildings requires a dedicated citizen to operate effectively.


In this building, players have the opportunity to impart new skills to their citizens to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to handle more advanced tasks proficiently. This building serves as a hub for knowledge, research and development, and makes citizens more valuable.


Ships play a pivotal role in the gameplay of Genesis. Many of the core mechanics within the game are reliant on the use of ships. As we progress through the future chapters of Genesis, ships will become indispensable tools for various applications, including battleships, freighters or even fishing, greatly impacting the player's experience.

Ships consist of various modules that must be assembled by the player. Researching, developing, and installing these modules are tasks the player must undertake. It's worth noting that constructing a ship with different modules will yield entirely distinct outcomes.

Player and Citizen's Health system

Both main characters and citizens have essential needs for food, water, and rest, each with its satisfaction level that the player must attend to.

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