Main Characters

Genesis has two main characters, Ethan and Mithra. Players will select one of these. These two players will have a close support to each other. It must be mentioned that every player is entirely independent in-game progress, but the best outcome will be achieved by playing together and as a team. Players can invite their team player to the game and create their team from the beginning or let the system find a player for them. This cooperation will start at the beginning of season two.


After the apocalypse, only 10 million survivors remained in the world.

Humanity splintered into small, isolated communities scattered across. The path of life was through the valley of death, Those who survived chose to live far from each other to avoid further conflict. In some areas, small groups formed, and in some areas, such as islands, they were often displaced and sought shelter.

At the start of Genesis, citizens automatically migrate to the player's island on certain periods. However, as the game progresses and the demand for citizens increases, locating and persuading them to join the player's society becomes increasingly challenging.

In the next chapters, there will be more strategies to attract citizens, players can start conquering new lands and territories and find these mysterious groups of people, Or they can provide security and satisfaction to their people so that they marry and raise their children.

Citizen's role in game paly

Players create a thriving society on the island. They can accept the people and shelter them, turning them into valuable members of the community who can perform various tasks.

The presence of citizens in the game greatly simplifies the player's workload and unlocks numerous possibilities. Additionally, upgrading to certain levels requires a minimum number of citizens.

Each citizen possesses unique attributes, including gender, specialty, tools, clothing, health, and satisfaction.

Players must meticulously manage the production and consumption of resources to support their citizens and advance their society.

They can also train citizens in specialized fields (Technicians) at the University. As the game unfolds, citizens become more valuable, particularly during the War stages.

The existence of citizens can be seen as an investment, because after improving their efficiency and productivity or when they become scarce, they can be transferred to other players at higher prices. In summary, creating a successful society in Genesis requires strategic planning and efficient management of citizens.

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