Fortune Boxes

In Genesis, players will have the opportunity to obtain a variety of random items through a range of tasks and operations, including explorations, aid boxes and .... Acquiring each of these items will possess unique mechanics, which will be described in detail below.

Aid Boxes:

These boxes are relics from the early days of environmental apocalypse, when humanity still had hope. These boxes were crafted to send essential supplies and tools to people around the world. Distributed to humanitarian groups, so they can Administer them to the people in desperate need. But after The Eruption, many of these auto-piloted ships sank or lost control, causing these boxes to scatter around the whole seas. Today, they occasionally wash ashore (once in a week).

Unlocking these boxes requires a magnetic key, these keys can be acquired through quests, purchased from new citizens and survivors, or other means. Each key is unique, capable of unlocking only one box and each box contains different random objects.

Inside each box, there will be 10 random items from 5 distinct categories: tools, clothing, weaponry, first aid supplies, small electronics (like radio, solar panels) some seeds and books.

Other Items will be updated soon.

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