Huralya X

Huralya X is the research and development arm of Huralya, the Lab where best ideas are tested and improved. It is a knowledge-based and pioneering department that seeks new ideas to expand the company's reach. Huralya X will work on different products, including other games, blockchain, AI and Huralya's exclusive game engine.

We already have several products in the pre-production phase, and it is in Huralya X's labs where we determine the product's specifics and manage its launch.

Huralya Metaverse

Our top priority at Huralya X is to build an exceptional Metaverse that seamlessly blends with the narrative of Genesis and our other initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to provide our users with an experience that transcends the realm of a mere game.

Although we cannot disclose all the details at this time, we want our early players and NFT owners to know that they will receive special privileges.

As an initial step towards building the Metaverse, players will be able to explore, trade, and communicate with each other's islands at the end of the first season. This marks our first step towards creating an interconnected world for our users.

Our vision for the future of gaming is a fusion of the Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies, and Cloud Gaming. We are committed to working tirelessly and with unwavering dedication to achieve this goal.

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