LYA - Huralya Token

LYA is the primary and native token used for all Huralya products, which includes the Genesis game and NFT market. The majority of transactions, fees, and related activities within the Genesis game will necessitate the use of LYA.

It starts with a total supply of 100,000,000 LYA for the initial four years.

Beyond this, only another 100 millions will be mintable in second four years. So finally the max supply is 200 millions.

Token Allocation And Vesting

The token allocation is categorized in 5 segments;

  • In-game Usage

  • Funding Rounds

  • Team and Founders

  • Airdrop and Referral Rewards

To promote a fair distribution and discourage token dumping, certain token allocations will be subject to vesting periods. The vesting schedule is as follows:

Vesting schedules are implemented to ensure long-term commitment from the team and to protect token value. Vesting tokens will be locked with smart contract technology to ensuring transparency and integrity in token release processes. (View Vesting Schedule)

LYA tokens can be traded on announced crypto exchanges, or they can be acquired in-game through Google and Apple's in-app payment systems.

Because in-game money can be withdrawn, Users must prioritize the safeguarding of their game accounts or any other online account they have connected.

LYA Token Classification

LYA's primary purpose is to serve as a utility token to enable transactions and activities within Huralya's products, including our Genesis game and NFT market. This indicates a clear utility purpose beyond passive profit or investment returns, which is a characteristic of utility tokens.LYA tokens can be earned through in-game activities, not just through an initial token sale, indicating less of an "investment contract". This decentralized distribution mechanism further points to LYA's classification as a utility token.Based on these characteristics, we classify LYA as a utility token.

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