Market research

(Q3 2021)

First, we began researching the market and our competitors, analyzed their strengths and weaknesses as well as the causes of any failures. In doing so, we aimed to determine the optimal strategy.


(Q1 2022)

Once we determined the strategy and structure, we went into the details and built a deep story and an engaging and immersive gameplay alongside a detailed and scientific economic & Tokenomic Model.

Game Development

(Q3 2022)

In this phase, we selected Unity as the primary game engine and inaugurated development. Developing an inclusive gameplay with the perfectionism we sought was immensely challenging.

During this period, all expenses were funded through bootstrapping.

web3 & Smart Contract Development

(Q4 2022)

Concurrently with the game creation, we developed unique smart contracts and web3 programming. Moreover, we wrote the relevant documentation.

Private Alpha Release

(Q4 2023)

We release the Private Alpha version of the genesis game.

Security Audits

(Q4 2023)

We conduct comprehensive audits of all smart contracts with reputable third-party auditing firms and will publish them transparently.

DEX listing

(Q1 2024)

We list LYA on Uniswap, to discovering the price.

Airdrop Campaign

(Q1 2024)

We will launching an innovative airdrop campaign to fortify our community.

It'll be a mix of fun online events and activities that also help the environment.

CEX listing

(Q1 2024)

After discovering the price, we intend to list LYA on leading centralized exchanges, broadening its reach within the cryptocurrency market.

S-Dude NFT collection

(Q2 2024)

We will unveil our NFT Mint Collection, "Sanjab The Dude," which will soon be available for minting and listed on leading NFT marketplaces.

Beta Release

(Q2 2024)

We will release the beta version to those who signed up for early access. Participants in the testing phase will receive an airdrop reward as a token of appreciation.

Seed Fundraising

(Q3 2024)

Developing a premier, comprehensive gaming experience requires significant funding, which exceeds our capacity for self-financing.

To overcome this, we plan to strategically sell 40% of LYA's total supply through private stages, with prices increasing gradually and each stage spaced a year apart.

NFT Marketplace

(Q3 2024)

Huralya will launch its NFT marketplace, integrated with other aspects of the project, ensuring users enjoy effortless trading of their NFTs.

Launching official android version

(Q3 2024)

Our initial approach involves launching the Genesis android, establishing it as the primary version for Season One. After the initial release, we will continuously update Genesis with new features and improvements.

This strategic expansion, will increase LYA's access and liquidity, solidifying its position as a valuable digital asset.

Releasing iOS version

(Q3 2024)

To expand our user base, we will launch an iOS version of Huralya, making the game available to a wider community.

This includes targeted campaigns for each language and region, collaborating with relevant influencers, utilizing social media advertising systems, and implementing environmental marketing campaigns, among others.

(Q3 2024)

This is an important update for our economic system. Through this market players will unlock boundless opportunities for trading of in-game items.

Release PC version

(Q4 2024)

To reach a wider players, we will launch the PC version of Huralya Genesis, broadening its accessibility to even more users.

Round A - Fundraising

(Q4 2024)

Seasonal Events

(Q1 2025)

We will organize seasonal events featuring enticing rewards that will engage users.

These events will typically involve activities outside of the normal gameplay routine.

For example, users may participate in various scenarios, such as intense challenges reminiscent of Squid Game, spanning multiple days. We aim to create exciting and memorable experiences and our interesting days will come short.

Exploration update

(Q1 2025)

This will be major update package and it will enable players to start thrilling exploration quests with their citizens.

Meet update

(Q2 2025)

This update allows users to visit each other's islands for trades, social meeting or other interactions - friendly (perhaps not-so-friendly).

This marks our first step toward realizing the Huralya metaverse.

Round B - Fundraising

(Q3 2025)

Chapter 2 Development

(Q3 2025)

While delivering ongoing updates, we are progressing with the development of second season of Huralya game.

This new season will shift the gameplay focus to war and alliances.

If you've grown weary of building civilization and trade alone, It’s time to do some adventures and test your skills in some battles.

(Q4 2025)

To further democratize the game, we will launch a (decentralized autonomous organization) DAO system, enabling users to contribute to the game's storyline and influence certain company decisions.


This roadmap certainly doesn't encompass all of our plans. We have many more surprises and thrilling updates in store for our users and investors.

Stay tuned - this roadmap will evolve as our progress continues!

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