Progressive Decentralization

Despite common beliefs, many blockchain projects are not truly decentralized. Achieving true decentralization is a complex process that involves more than just a smart contract. While Huralya acknowledges that it has predominantly adopted a centralized approach to development, the team firmly believes in the validity of their reasons for choosing this approach. Current blockchain platforms are not yet optimized for advanced gaming, and their complexity hinders widespread adoption.

Huralya's strategy involves initially developing the project in a centralized manner and gradually transitioning towards full decentralization over time. It allows our developers to focus on building a high-quality game without having to worry about the complexities of decentralization and allows to build the necessary technical infrastructure to support a truly decentralized application such as a bespoke blockchain and an efficient DAO system.

Additionally, Huralya is committed to adhering to evolving regulatory standards, ensuring a smooth transition in compliance with global legal frameworks. The project also includes educational initiatives to familiarize users with web3 concepts, preparing them for a more decentralized gaming future.

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